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Model CEN21


Building near the coast or waterways?  Concerned about possible issues with wastewater?  We have the solution.

Nitrogen Reduction: Designed to reduce total nitrogen (TN) to single digit levels, our CEN units are THE solution for water sensitive areas.  Our units are the gold standard in advanced wastewater treatment.

Scalable: Specifically designed for phased installation, the CEN21 is the perfect solution for developers wanting to integrate wastewater management within the buildout plan.

Customizable: Can be tailored to meet the unique needs of residential, mixed-use & commercial development.  Ideal for sites that demand high seasonal flows, such as campgrounds, resorts, and shopping centers.  

Mighty: A very small footprint (15’3” x 6’7”) and weight of just over 1500 pounds makes this system highly maneuverable and adaptable to the very tightest and most difficult sites.

Manageable: Like all of our units the CEN21 can be placed using standard construction equipment.


Easy, Straightforward Installation

Cost Efficient vs Other Solutions

Lower Impact on Property

Best Option for the Environment

Since 1961, Leading the World in Onsite Wastewater Treatment

Fuji Clean Co Ltd. has been engineering state of the art wastewater treatment products since 1961.  Collectively, we have over 2 million of these units working flawlessly in the ground worldwide.

Combining Japanese world-class engineering with Maine’s work ethic and know how, and you get a company that is constantly striving for perfection. We carry the yankee spirit of independence, hard work, understatement, honesty, high expectations, and fairness to work every day.

What does this mean to you?

Our septic systems have proven themselves as the most reliable and most efficient advanced wastewater treatment systems in the world.  We have installed our septic systems all over the state of Maine and we are proud to offer our modern wastewater treatment solutions for your residential or commercial needs.